Thursday, June 18, 2009

Destee Nation Roadtrip Rolls into Austin Texas

Before I go any farther, here is the link: O.K. here's the story: about two weeks ago I was contacted through this blog by a woman in Seattle who works for a company that seeks out, and gets signed licensing agreements from, local iconic landmarks for the purpose of printing and selling T-Shirts world wide. She said their Scout would be in Austin soon and she hoped I could turn her on to the real places and help them avoid the posers. I gave her some suggestions and then she asked me if I would be willing to meet with the Scout at the watering hole of my choice. I said sure, tell him to meet me next Wednesday around five at Deep Eddy Cabaret and I heard nothing more until I showed up with the Men's Club in tow. The first guy I saw, and one of a very few patrons, was Gabe himself. We went our separate ways a few hours later when the place was really crowded. It took a little while to figure out what was happening until they announced Happy One Hour with five dollar full size pitchers of beer. Jackpot, or should I say Bingo! Update: I'm a daytime guy, so I didn't know the Happy Hour Rules but now I do. Monday Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-8pm it is half priced everything. I didn't check to see if the bar cleared out after 8 but for some reason I doubt it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Polvo's on South First Street in Old South Austin Texas

I've only been to Polvo's a few times in my life but considering there are many places in Austin that I have never been to, that is actually a recommendation of sorts. The food here is pretty good and I usually go where my friends want to go because picky is not a word I would use to describe myself. They have lots of seating, a decent amount of parking space and they are located close to downtown so they do a good bit of business. For the purpose of this blog I'm more concerned with the drinks than I am with the food and I had two margaritas that tasted and looked very dissimilar from each other, but they both went down OK. A few minutes later the waiter told me that the bartender was new and forgot to add water to the tequila and margarita mix when I ordered a second drink. It tasted a little bittersweet and stout but I probably would not have noticed if he hadn't said anything. That is, for the first 30 minutes then I noticed big time when my jaw started flapping and even I realized I was getting a bit rowdy. I'm glad I wasn't driving because that second one put me over the limit, without any question in my mind. Accidents happen, but it sucks when they happen in cars. Luckily there was no crash, until I got dropped off at home and hit the couch.