Thursday, June 18, 2009

Destee Nation Roadtrip Rolls into Austin Texas

Before I go any farther, here is the link: O.K. here's the story: about two weeks ago I was contacted through this blog by a woman in Seattle who works for a company that seeks out, and gets signed licensing agreements from, local iconic landmarks for the purpose of printing and selling T-Shirts world wide. She said their Scout would be in Austin soon and she hoped I could turn her on to the real places and help them avoid the posers. I gave her some suggestions and then she asked me if I would be willing to meet with the Scout at the watering hole of my choice. I said sure, tell him to meet me next Wednesday around five at Deep Eddy Cabaret and I heard nothing more until I showed up with the Men's Club in tow. The first guy I saw, and one of a very few patrons, was Gabe himself. We went our separate ways a few hours later when the place was really crowded. It took a little while to figure out what was happening until they announced Happy One Hour with five dollar full size pitchers of beer. Jackpot, or should I say Bingo! Update: I'm a daytime guy, so I didn't know the Happy Hour Rules but now I do. Monday Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-8pm it is half priced everything. I didn't check to see if the bar cleared out after 8 but for some reason I doubt it.


jesscia said...

cool video man.

Elizabeth Ann said...

You have meticulously and single-handedly preserved Austin's culinary heritage, wisegeorge!

Yuan Sui said...

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