Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cypress Grill near MoPac and William Cannon Drive in Far South Austin

Well here I am again, just when you figured that I either croaked or said to hell with trying to maintain this blog any further. The truth is I never go anywhere anymore unless someone wants to drive me around and today someone did, so I figured what the heck. I've been to this joint a few times before today and can honestly say I've never had a bad meal there, this trip was no different. Besides having lots of parking and being conveniently located, for me, I had a coupon good for one free entree with purchase of a second one, so my food was gratis. They might have given it to me for free anyway, if they knew I was a world famous blogger but I didn't want to embarrass them by pointing out their ignorance. I had a BM to start with and that sounds pretty nasty until you realise I'm talking about a Bloody Mary. It came with a pickled okra and three green olives on a plastic sword and tasted pretty damn good for $3.25. When the meal arrived I ordered a 16 oz. Mojito that set me back the same amount. It too was excellent. I took a bunch of crummy pictures because I'm out of practice, and I had waited until I had a pretty good jag on, but a few turned out sweet and the rest still tell a story. The video is just slightly better, so give it a view too, if you feel like it.


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How sweet.. My mouth is watering.. You can place a titanic there and it would surely sink. LOL

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