Friday, May 2, 2008

Changos on Guadalupe near Wheatsville Co-op in Austin

Chango's is a Mexican Restaurant where you walk up and order at the counter. They have a big bin of iced beer right there so I am including them as a place to buy a beer for on site consumption in the Austin, Texas area. That's what I did and then I made a short video and took a bunch of pictures as well. They have a parking lot, right in front of the business, and plenty of indoor/outdoor seating. They are located within walking distance of the University of Texas and they're right next door to Wheatsville Co-op, the hippie grocery store. Since I didn't have any food I can't comment but they did have large crates of fresh vegetables in view, so that's a plus. My friend Leon tipped me to the fact that they sell beer because I get frustrated when I stop at a place on a hunch and I'm wrong. It makes me look bad to go in and say do you serve beer only to turn around and walk out when they say no. That's how I found out Schlotzky's on South Lamar no longer sells beer. They said they stopped three years ago. I guess I don't go in there very often, do I?

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