Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nomad on Corona off Cameron Road in Austin

Nomad is a newcomer to the bar scene in Austin, or at least my bar scene. It's within stumbling distance to the Carousel Lounge and located behind the Conoco Gas Station on Cameron Rd. It's in a little strip Shopping Center of the nondescript nature that is similar to anywhere in America. That certainly doesn't describe Nomad, however. This is the friendly neighborhood bar of my youth, only way classier. I wouldn't mind having some of the furniture and art work for my home and the patio furniture would look good in my backyard. Now, don't go getting any ideas of robbing the joint and trying to pin it on me because I'm just fantasizing. If I want to make it a reality I'll have to go buy my own, and I would but I probably won't. Great review so far, huh? The patio has plenty of shade but shade means little once the mercury tops ninety degrees. So, if you plan on hanging out during the heat of the day just be ready to sweat. It's not a crime or anything to be ashamed of and I do it all the time, often profusely. On the day I went they had a Texas Music DJ, the only one that I am aware of in the world. There are probably a bunch of other ones, but I don't know them. Google Nomad for more coherent reviews and check out the DJ's MySpace. It's a really good one.

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