Sunday, May 11, 2008

Romeo's on Barton Springs Road in Austin

I guess I should have made this clear earlier but the dates of my blog posts have nothing to do with when I actually went to a bar. The dates on my videos are slightly more accurate, only because I usually post them soon after taking them. Romeo's is cool. I ate there once with my wife and don't remember it being anything at all like it is. The ambiance is dark red and black and shiny. It made me want to drink a five dollar bottle of high potency micro brewed beer so I did, and it was good, but they only charged me three dollars because it was happy hour. Now, the moral of that story was: go during happy hour. The guys and gals at the bar were what I would call Austin inside people, I'm kinda one of them myself. The people outside were the type who love cell phones, blue tooth ear pieces, lap top computers and dirty martinis. They will send a dirty martini back if it isn't dirty enough and the bartender will make it so damn dirty you'll gag drinking it, but they'll drink it and act like it is just what they wanted. Who knows, maybe it was. This would be my number one destination for a cheap date if I wasn't too old to find one. I could bring my wife and her buddies but it would be anything but cheap, happy hour or not. Romeo's for some drinky winkies, The Green Mesquite for some meat and beans then it's home for some of that good old hanky mixed with an equal amount of panky. That's the way it used to work anyway. Hahaha, check it out.

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