Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brick Oven Pizza on Red River in Downtown Austin

This Brick Oven Pizza was the first of its kind that I am aware of in Austin. They have been making Brick Oven Pizza and serving Italian food across the street from Waterloo Park in Austin Texas for well over twenty five years. There are several other locations in Austin now but this is the only one I have ever been to and I've been here many times over the years. They have enough parking most of the time and meters line the park side of the street for a half a mile. They have a full bar and lots of customers on a Saturday night. People would come in in groups of fifteen to twenty and leave the same way. A whole woman's soccer team came in while I watched in amazement. The ovens are amazing to look at and they serve pitchers of beer. Now for the bad news. The pizza was ordered with pepperoni onions and jalapeno peppers. What I got was a pepperoni pizza where they thew the onions on for the last 15 seconds and forgot about the Jalapenos altogether. I didn't really care, I never do but the diners with me said: look these onions are raw and couldn't believe that they gave us a little cup of cold canned Jalapeno slices like you get for free at Taco Cabana. It was just a small slip up on a very busy night but it soured two people from wanted to come back. My personal feeling is that I would rather have the cold raw ingredients than to have had the cook leave the pizza in too long and burn the crust. I'm sure I'll go back again because, as I've said before, most of the time I don't care.

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