Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Poodie's Hilltop Roadhouse on Hwy 71 in Spicewood. RIP man, we'll all miss you until it is our time.

Poodie's is a country bar just a short trip from the city. It's out there near where Willie lives. It's very much a redneck hippie sort of joint that has live music most nights and they serve food. When I asked the guy behind the bar a the Hole in the Wall if Brooks Brannon was still tending bar he told me yeah: "at Poodie's." I remember Poodie coming into the Hole during Happy Hour on several different occasions. Everybody seemed to know him and I felt that way myself by the third time I sat at the bar with him. It used to be that you could pull into Poodie's parking lot from the top of the hill right before the bar. Now you have to go down the hill a little bit past the bar, make a hard right and go back up the hill on a skinny little driveway. At least there is a string of globe lights down by the road to catch your eye. Of course, in the daytime that's not a problem just be sure to brake in time. Doing a U turn on 71W could end up being mighty tricky if you miss it. It's on the right just past a store that sells Texas themed yard ornaments and metal tables, chairs and pottery from Mexico. If you've never been to Poodie's go check out the stuff at that store then drive down the hill and have cold one while playing some pool or shuffleboard. I don't do reviews but I don't mind saying that I have liked this place just fine, every time I have dropped in. Watch the video and click on their website for more details.

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