Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pluckers on South Lamar by Pep Boys in Austin

I think I hate wings. I grew up in the Buffalo area so I ate about a million of them in my lifetime and now I hate them. Luckily Pluckers sells other stuff as well. I like beer and margaritas and I like grilled chicken and salad and good service. Maybe I got lucky or maybe it was the way my son was flirting with the waitress but we had great service. On this particular occasion it was 50 cent wing night. Just twenty years ago I ate 50 wings on 10 cent wing night in West Batavia, New York. Man, how times have changed. This place used to be the location of the Black Eyed Pea and I ate there once. If I had eaten there fifty times The Black Eyed Pea would probably still be there. I know I won't eat at Pluckers fifty times in my life but I might have if I had started sooner and there is a good chance that at least one of my kids still will. Mmmmm Chicken Skin. Happy hour seemed very reasonable on drinks and so I had a couple. You would have too. Check it out at least once.

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