Monday, May 19, 2008

Juan in a Million at 2300 East Caesar Chavez Street (East 1st) in East Austin

Who wants to be a Millonair? Yeah, me too. Too bad there is only Juan in a Million who succeed in the restaurant business to this extent. This place qualifies big time due to its namesake and constantly vigilant owner Juan Meza. If you can get past the front counter without a greeting and handshake watch out because Juan will find you before you leave his restaurant. Juan loves people and life making for an excellent attitude that he tries to spread to others. It works, believe me. I like this joint, although it can get mighty crowded on a Saturday morning. It is located East of I-35 on East Caesar Chavez (formerly 1st Street) in Austin Texas, just a short drive from Downtown. It might be a mile or so from the interstate, probably less. You can't miss it and they have a pretty good sized parking lot in the back. The food is cheap, plentiful and most importantly, good. They serve beer, Bloody Mary's and Margaritas. I recommend all three and they can be had at bargain basement prices compared to the rest of the rest of the near downtown areas. East Austin has finally caught on and it's about damn time.


theboomtownkid said...

Glad to see yer posting again! Hope all's well.

Paige said...

Thanks for all you do!