Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chuy's in South Austin Texas off of William Cannon Drive

I remember when there was only one Chuy's in the world and its patron saint was Elvis. My what a difference twenty five years makes. These days friggin' Chuy's are all over Austin, Houston and god knows where else. The amazing thing is they each do a great business and serve consistently good food. Every location is a little different but they all follow the same basic theme, shiny car parts, gaudy paint colors and the ever present spirit of the King. Check out the early part of the Happy Hour for cheap drinks and free grub in the bar. It's great while it lasts and it doesn't last long. To get there take MoPac South (Loop 1) and exit at William Cannon Drive. Cross William Cannon and stay on the feeder a little ways and it will appear on the right.

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