Friday, May 16, 2008

Boomerz in Oak Hill Texas on the Austin City Limit fringes

Boomerz has been there in Oak Hill for a long time. I ignored it for at least a decade before I started stopping in very sporadically, but the first time told me it was a cool and very spacious place. About half of the area is devoted to pool and an air hockey table but there is lots of seating, a decent sized dance floor and stage plus a bar designed to seat about thirty patrons. The service has been quick and friendly every time I have ever been in there and this time the lady tending bar looked at me and said: I had that same T shirt in Black and White. I said really, from Tommy's Drum Shop? She said yeah and I had made a new friend. They have a large parking lot that is shared with some other business but most of them close early. This used to be any easy place to get to, all I had to say was take 290/71 towards Oak Hill. Now there are raised highways and the old highway is now an access road, so get on the access road as you leave Austin and say to hell with the super highway until just before the point where it ends and becomes 290/71 regular again. That's where you'll find Boomerz in the Oak City Shopping Center about a half a mile before 290 and William Cannon Drive.

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