Thursday, May 8, 2008

Garrison Park Harbor at the Corner of South First and Stassney where Ginos Italian Grill used to be in South Austin

You may have read about the bullshit with calling this bar South by South First. Ignore it, it is over and they are finally, finally open for business. I almost cried in January when I realized Gino's Italian Grill was gone forever. I blogged about my sadness back then and made a video from good music that I recorded in the dark, last year. Gino's never did get hip to stage lighting. I have a feeling it will be a different story with the Garrrison Park Harbor over looking the Sea of Asphalta. They've done a good job transforming this place and are about twice as large inside and a half again outside where they have sculpted a shaded and comfortable atmosphere with a water feature and plenty of seating. Just think of the relaxing sounds of a beachfront marina and you are there, but you don't have to drive very far to get back home if you live where I do. I could probably walk and I hope they excel. I want to be their favorite customer but how can I compete with all of you out there who will become their favorite customers before I get a chance? I am a sporadic customer at best. Poor Gino's would still be there if I had just dropped in twice as often. I know it, and it breaks my heart. If the Garrison Park Harbor has good food, they cannot fail. Good food guys, focus on good Seafood, Steaks and Music. South Austin needs it badly, and no other place I know of has as large of a parking lot. Do not worry about parking, it is the Garrison Park Harbor on the Sea of Asphalta at South by South First in Austin, Texas. Note: The actual date I visited the Garrison Park Harbor was Sunday June 1st. They opened for business the Thursday prior, stop in and make a new friend. If they have good Seafood and Steaks plus decent Happy Hour Specials they should thrive. The music takes care of itself in this town.

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