Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Detour in Oak Hill near Austin at William Cannon and 290/71

The location of this bar used to be the front checkout area for Walgreen's Drug Store. Goodwill took over the rest of the space. There is a liquor store within steps and you can drop off your dry cleaning and laundry at the cheap laundry place. There's a Subway and a Coffeeshop in the same Shopping Center at the corner of William Cannon Drive and Hwy 290/71, before you reach the Y in the road in Oak Hill, Texas.The parking lot is plenty big and sometimes you would think the bar is really crowded when it is actually the Goodwill Store that is full of customers. I like this place because it has a big oval bar that goes all the way around, they have a good selection of decent beers, I had a Newcastle Ale, and they make free popcorn for anyone who wants it, as much as you want, serve yourself. From my house it is halfway to The Natural Gardener where John Dromgroole has a magnificent garden disguised as a garden store. My wife sends me over there often for Mulch and Dirt. The way I look at it is, one hand washes the other and now a trip to the Natural Garden means a detour into Detour's on the way home. I once was in there when a Budweiser guy came in and gave everybody a free weird Dry test beer, and a ball cap. I put the hat on and drank the beer. It's the last time I had a Bud, now that I think of it. http://youtube.com/watch?v=atxU45GdDU0

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