Monday, May 12, 2008

Sago at the Triangle on North Lamar near Guadalupe in Austin

I wanted to show my wife the new bar called Flying Saucer that is in the Triangle, a sort of self contained residential and shopping village in the heart of Austin. Since we were already there it seemed like a good time for lunch and so we decided to check out Sago, featuring Modern Mexican Cuisine. At first I didn't recognize the significance of the name but before long the Sago Palm trees on the patio caught my attention and it all made sense. The parking is hit and miss at the Triangle but they do have a parking garage if surface parking is overly troublesome. On this particular day it wasn't too problematic and only took one circle around the lot before someone pulled out and we grabbed the spot. Sago is clean, sleek, open and modern. It's also very new but quite comfortable. The dress code in Austin is pretty much non-existent outside of some of the pretension that downtown generates, and T-shirts were pretty common. The food was reasonably priced as were the drinks. The service was quick and friendly and the chips and salsa were some of the best I have ever had, anywhere. The nasty looking picture of my greasy fingers and blackened shrimp still makes my mouth water three weeks later. Mmmm cholesterol. You could see the kitchen from the main dining area but there were several spaces that provided more privacy if that is what suits you. Considering how many different Mexican Restaurants there are in Austin it says a lot that I wouldn't hesitate to return here whenever I'm in the neighborhood. Of course, being just a few short strides from The Flying Saucer doesn't hurt either.


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