Friday, May 9, 2008

Texas Land and Cattle Company I-35 at Clayton Lane in Austin

I've fallen woefully behind on my 365 day quest and I can make all kinds of excuses and rationalizations as to why, but my brother nailed it most truthfully when he admonished me for getting bored and being lazy. I'm sad to say that he knows me as well as I know myself and therefore I have no rebuttal to his painfully blunt assessment of the situation. So how can I remedy the unfortunate condition of being a slacking slug? I can't, but I can throw him a bone every day or two and it will look as if I am getting my act together. I'm not, of course, but appearances are everthing. So here goes: Texas Land and Cattle Company has two things that all of the men in my family crave constantly, beer and meat. Now, I could stop writing right here if they were my only readers. To continue would provide needlessly superfluous information to Tom and Sam but Ray is one of those intellectual types, who reads, so I'll go on. This joint was a lot cooler, albeit messier, when they had that big barrel full of free peanuts by the front door. I'd just rip them open and throw the shells on the floor, so did everyone else, and we liked it that way. My guess is either peanuts went up or someone slipped on a shell and busted their ass, so the peanuts are no more. It's still a pretty cool place that looks like Ben, Hoss and Little Joe might have lived there once upon a time, at least for an episode or two, and they have a full bar and a large parking lot. The food was o.k. but medium rare isn't the same thing as rare and the cook didn't know that. He also thought medium well was the same as well. They are not and it could easily be chalked up as a slightly off night even though they weren't that busy. I've gone before and I'll go again but I feel like if they are going to serve meat almost raw I shouldn't have to ask for some horseradish, they should just bring it to me as a show of empathy. However, the lobster was great and the tortilla soup made me do a little hat dance and say oo la la. So, watch the video and see what I mean. Even though I don't know what I mean.

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