Saturday, May 3, 2008

El Greco Greek Taverna off Guadalupe across from Wheatsville Co-op in Austin

This whole block on one side of Guadalupe is brand new and the corner that is across the street from the Wheatsville Co-op Grocery Store houses a Manga Pizza that I will visit later and then El Greco Greek Taverna right next door. Now, I don't know anything about the Greek language but I thought it was a pretty safe bet that Taverna means beer and I was right. They had beer and wine plus a full menu that looked pretty good to me. If they have parking I didn't find it but it is so close to UT that most of their business is probably walk in, still I had no problem parking on the street nearby. It's clean, classy and brand new right now. If they are still there in ten years it won't be as clean and classy but it will prove that they sell good food and know how to run a business. Only time will tell but I'm impressed at the moment and I wish them good luck. I'm going to check out the grub myself pretty soon.


Pepi said...

Now you are linked in Italy!

Wisegeorge said...

Pepi, you bad boy. Hahahahaha.

Pepi said...

wisegeorge there are a lot of crazy girls in my blog,and all speak English! LOL