Saturday, May 10, 2008

Angel's Icehouse on Hwy 71 in Spicewood Texas near Austin

This is an Austin Area Hill Country Bar out on 71W about eight miles past 620 and the Arboretum at Bee Caves. It is on a hilltop on the left, just look for the towering red sign that says Angel's. It is an open air Ice House with a full bar and lots of seating inside and out. I would guess they can handle three to four hundred people, or more, at once. There is a great breeze out there in the wide open, and it is a bit of a country bar, but it is no further than driving from South Austin to Round Rock, only without the traffic. They have wi fi, hand formed burgers, cold beer, a plasma screen TV and lots of room. The waitress was friendly and is the only person I have ever heard, beside myself, call my wife baby. They never do that in Austin. I'm lucky to get a sweetie here and that's only after a big tip. Hahaha. It's a fun place and the menu is decidedly bar food but who cares? Splurge on the calories contained within deep fried battered macaroni and cheese triangles. They go great with the mini corn dogs. Check out their website for live music listings and precise directions. Just remember, it is about a mile or so before you get to Poodie's Hilltop Roadhouse, if you know where that is, and it is on the left. You can see the sign from a long way off, so don't overshoot the drive. But if you do, go check out Poodie's and stop here on the way back. If you overshoot Poodie's too, you're wasted, just go home.

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