Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bakehouse Restaurant on Manchaca near Stassney in Austin

This was a favorite of mine when the choices for food were few and far between in South Austin. As far as I know they still serve good food there and I need to go back and get some sometime soon. On this day all I wanted was a beer and the requisites for the blog. I got them and then I was gone. The bar is small but can hold about a dozen people or so, the restaurant is much bigger and they have comfy booths inside or tables and chairs in the front room that used to be more like a patio, plus they have picnic tables on a deck outside that wasn't there until fairly recently. The parking lot is a pretty good size and you can do your laundry next door at the washateria, while you eat lunch or dinner, if you so please. It is within short walking distance of the Austin Community College South Campus so I'm guessing they get some good crowds at times. On this particular afternoon between lunch and dinner things were pretty quiet but that's the way I like it when I'm just trying to show a place to buy a beer for on site consumption. It's located on the right near the library just before you get to Stassney Lane on Manchaca while driving South. It's very near Crockett High School and ACC.

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