Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Green Mesquite Barbecue at Barton Springs Road near South Lamar in Austin

Man, this place has changed for the better while it hasn't really changed much at all. I'm sure the BBQ is excellent, as always, although I haven't been in there before today for a very long time, like twenty years. I'm ashamed, although I did go through a period about ten years ago (maybe fifteen) where I would drive over to Oak Hill and bring Green Mesquite Barbecue back home in a bag. I'm not afraid of meat. But, this is a beer blog and I don't care if they sell hot dogs and beer I consider that a beer joint. Any joint where you can get a beer is a beer joint. Webster's needs to update their definition so it agrees with me. It pretty much does now, anyway. O.K. parking is possible, they have about eight spots or so and the street to the right sometimes works out. The service is excellent and the people are friendly. The ambiance is meat and potato salad and beer and quit bitching, I like this joint. I'm sorry that you are a vegetarian sweetheart, just order the salad and put a sock in it while I stuff my pie hole with ribs. Is that to much to ask darlin'? Oh, and beer. Want another beer sweetie? Plus they have a very nice outdoor patio, and live music with regularity.

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