Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ranch 616 at Seventh 7th Street and Nueces in Central Austin

I had dinner in here with my wife and friends during SXSW 2008, one night about a month ago, and I made a mental note to myself to come back and take pictures for my blog. As I was driving down the street today, I recalled that thought and stopped to see what hours they were open. Much to my surprise and delight the door was unlocked, the place was nearly empty, and the bartender was a friendly guy. This place is nice, the restaurant part is kind of high tone which means more money than normal pub grub, but it really is a restaurant with a bar and not just a bar with food, so I understand. The evening we went there the place was loaded with beautiful women and I assumed that was an anomaly, but the bartender assured me that is the norm rather than the exception. Gee, what a bummer, right? Wrong! I liked the mural of the Mexican Ranch Band on the wall and I'll bet they made a hell of a racket in their day. The statue of the Virgin Mary on the bar brought back memories of my youth as an altar boy at St. Mary's Catholic Church and made me feel a little bit guilty while I drank my beer. These days I'm more of a Bloody Mary guy than a Virgin Mary person but I appreciate eclectic themes. When coupled with the cowbells near the entrance and the gymnastic dolls hanging from the lights over the bar religious icons take on a new meaning and kind of help to balance out the overall picture. They are located one block north of the West Sixth Street area on Nueces in Central Austin. Drop in for a drink and some frog legs, you won't be disappointed.

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