Thursday, April 10, 2008

Taco Cabana at Nueces and Martin Luther King Blvd. in Austin

Taco Cabana is a chain restaurant with at least a half a dozen locations in Central and South Austin alone. The food is very reasonable and consistently good but the refried beans vary tremendously from one location to another. Avoid the bean and cheese tacos unless you don't mind potentially sour tasting beans. At some locations they are fabulous but at others I end up throwing away what I couldn't gag down. Other than that one menu item my only other complaint is that they have screwed up my drive thru orders almost as many times as they have gotten them right. Always check what you have in your bag before driving away. I've eaten more Taco Cabana in my life than any other Mexican or Fast Food Restaurant. They have free chopped onions, several salsas, cilantro and pico de gallo at the condiment bar and it is usually fresh. Parking is available most of the time and the Frozen Margaritas are actually pretty good and potent with a sixteen ouncer costing less than five bucks. Cervezas of multiple varieties are iced down at the front counter and the patios are spacious and shady during nice weather. This particular location is right near the university of Texas and gets a lot of walk in traffic during different times of the day. The food is actually pretty good on the whole and better than some Mexican Restaurants that charge much more.

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