Monday, April 14, 2008

Sam's Town Point 2115 Allred Drive in South Austin

This is my biggest find thus far on my 365 day quest to visit a different bar for each day of 2008 and it's a humdinger. Located in a residential neighborhood in far South Austin the property is divided between the city and the county, with the real estate where the parking lot is situated falling within the city limits and the bar itself being outside of the city. What that means is the no smoking ordinance doesn't apply, so feel free to smoke 'em if you've got 'em. The bar was once a private club but now it is open to the public and the owner told me that there used to be an automotive junkyard right across the street that is now long gone. It's a spacious honky tonk where every beer is served in a koozie and they have a large outdoor deck and seating area in the back as well as three sets of washer pits. Their web page calls this the "Friendliest Place in Texas" and judging from my own experience that description is spot on. They have live music several nights a week, pool tables and dart boards and they serve bar food for those who are interested. However on this day, as usual, all I wanted was a bottle of beer and some pictures and video. At some later date I plan to go back and partake of the amenities and I think you should too. Take Manchaca Road south to Slaughter Lane and turn right. Get in the left hand lane and turn onto Riddle Road across the street from the McDonald's then turn left when you get to Allred Drive and they will be halfway down the block on the right hand side. A true classic South Austin Beerjoint if I ever saw one and you can BYOB if you buy set up's.

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