Monday, April 21, 2008

Warehouse Saloon and Billiards on the south side of Ben White between S. Congress and I-35 in Austin

If you are thinking about bar hopping in South Austin without getting wasted or illegal think about this. I recommend driving South on First Street until you cross highway 290 (Ben White) in Austin. First cruise through the intersection and then turn right into the City Market Grocery Store Parking lot. Go to the back where the South 40 used to be, to what is now the Locker Room Sports Bar, and have a beer and play some pool. Then get back on South First and over to the right and turn right on what used to be Ben White but is now the Access Road to 290E and drive towards Congress until halfway where you should stop and check out Bender on the right. Take your time, relax, maybe eat some munchies and be sure to pee before you leave. That's good advice no matter where you are going because you never know when you might get stuck in traffic. Next, drive to Congress, turn left and check out Dee and Jim's about a half of a mile down the road on the left, across from apartment city. That will only be your third beer in about an hour and a half and you should be fine and still sober. Don't bother with a trip to the restroom this time because five minutes after you leave you will cross back across 290 and turn left on what used to be Ben White but is now the Access Road to 290E, again ,and about halfway to I-35 will be the Warehouse Saloon and Billiards on the right. Hang out and play some darts or pinball and nurse another beer if you feel like it or drink a soda. After an hour or so you can drive home knowing that you could pass a breathalyzer if you had to, but drive cautiously and you won't have to. Bar hopping the legal way. Four South Austin beerjoints in three hours without getting intoxicated. It can be done, you just have to practice restraint. The Warehouse is cool although it was only the second time I had ever gone there in twenty five years. They have big screen TVs, a great bar, many pool tables, an outside covered and screened deck, Foosball, many pinball and video games, darts and it is as dark as night in the daytime. There are no windows in the Warehouse but there is plenty of neon light from the beer signs to make up for it. I like that, plus they still have a big parking lot out front, which amazes me. Disclaimer: If you think you might have had too much to drink, then you surely did and you should call a cab. Your car will be fine in the parking lot over night so don't chance it.

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