Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bender on Ben White Boulevard between South First and Congress in Austin

I was at this Shopping Center twenty years ago when this place was Serrano's Mexican Restaurant's South location and Ben White Boulevard was the most crowded east west thoroughfare in the city. Now you breeze through and can't get off of the superhighway when you see a place you want to go to so you need to know the proper way to get there. Ten years of highway building sent Serrano's over to Sunset Valley and then this place was Woody's for a while and I always meant to check it out when suddenly it was gone. Now it is called Bender and it looks like what I would want from a neighborhood bar, which is what it pretty much is. These are the people that run Barfly's on Airport Road and if they are ever open when I show up over there, I'll blog on them too. They also have a bar on Seventh Street called Mugshots and I need to drop by there someday soon as well. Anyway, enough of the history lesson. Oh yeah, the AAA South Office used to be in this Shopping Center too, but I digress, again. Bender is a big place with a full bar and lots of bar stools. It has a juke box, two pool tables, a Foosball table and some old pong looking game plus darts. They have a large outdoor area with two washer pits and plenty of seating and they open at three in the afternoon for happy hour. You can get bar food there too. You know, pub grub. Good tasting deep fried stuff that you just know has to be good for you because it tastes so good. It only makes sense, right? Drive south on First Street until you cross 290 then take a left on Ben White which is also the access road for 290E. Stay to the right and look for the sign, it's easy. When you leave cruise on down to Congress and take a left and Dee and Jim's is about a quarter of a mile down on the left. Or cross Congress on the access road and check out the Warehouse Saloon and Billiards between South Congress and I-35. Easy to get to and easy to get back home.

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