Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lambert's Barbecue at Second Street and Guadalupe in Austin

Lambert's is a relative newcomer to downtown and housed in one of the oldest buildings in Austin. It is located on the corner of Second Street and Guadalupe, across the street from the new City Hall, and it's a two story barbecue joint with a large full bar on each level. There are seating arrangements available for intimate dining as well as large groups plus they even have their own brand of draft beer. There is an outdoor patio in the rear and a large stage upstairs for live music that is featured on a regular basis. The furniture is contemporary and they have plenty of booths, my preference in most situations. Parking is available at City Hall, depending on the time or at parking meters on the street if you happen to have a pocketful of quarters. They are open for lunch and dinner but the bar doesn't serve drinks until 5 p.m. This was my first time in the place and I can honestly say I was impressed with the cleanliness and overall ambiance. It's a welcome addition in a new commercial district of downtown that is still developing. After dinner it's only a short walk to the scenic shores of Lady Bird Lake where you can burn off the brisket by taking a walk on the hike and bike trail. I personally would probably just go home and take a nap, but that's just me. Check it out, I think you will enjoy it.

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