Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Red House Lounge behind Stortini on Manor Road in East Austin

I've wanted to check this place out since it was behind El Gringo before it became an Italian Restaurant called Stortini. Tey are owned by the same people who run El Chile Mexican Restaurant and El Chilito in that restaurant row section of Manor Road around Chicon that includes Mia Madre, Eastside Cafe, Hoover's Home Cooking, Vivo, Clementine and the aforementioned Stortini, about a half mile east of Interstate 35. Two of us had large Fireman's 4 beers while one member of our party drank water because she was getting a wee tipsy and hungry. We tried to order one of the half price pizzas available until 7 p.m. but by the time we received service it was five to seven and they said that special was over. It's a nice place with a fine a comfortable patio but the ever present doorman was a bit disconcerting, considering business was pretty slow. Also since one of the people in my party is an assistant manager and sometimes server at another successful area business, she was a bit put off by the aloof and uncaring attitude of our server. I'm pretty used to that treatment everywhere I go in Austin, so I barely even noticed, but I guess she could have pretended to be a little bit friendly. I kind of liked the place but since they don't open until 5:00, and I work right down the street and get off at 4:00, Vivo, Hoover's, or Clementine are more likely to get my Happy Hour business if I decide to stick around the area after work, which I occasionally do.

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