Sunday, April 27, 2008

Third Base Sports Bar on W. 6th before Southbound MoPac in Austin

I knew how to get here because I checked out their web page and because three people had already told me it was there. As you zoom towards MoPac going 80 miles an hour slow down to twenty and turn left onto the 5th Street turnaround then turn left into the parking garage, walk over to the elevator and take it down to the first floor. It's a cool place even if you don't like Sports Bars, but I do sometimes. They had Pool Tables, Shuffleboard, Video Games, a huge Bar and lots of flat screen T.V.'s. The drinks were reasonable, the food looked good and the parking was free. I liked the company I was keeping and it provided great video and lots of good pictures while having a jolly old time. It's all about pacing. Don't drive drunk. I'm not kidding.

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Anonymous said...

I checked this bar out and it is freaking awesome. Thanks for having it on your blog it's my neighborhood sports bar now and I go there to watch all the games. They have really hot bartenders too and they don't mind when my friends and I hit on them. Foods good too.