Friday, April 25, 2008

Flipnotics at the Triangle on N.Lamar near Guadalupe in Austin

Flipnotics was originally a counter culture piercings and tattoo type of person's coffeehouse when it opened on Barton Springs Road. It's pretty mainstream now mainly due to the fact that the counter culture has evolved into the culture so it isn't counter anymore. I like that location because it has a large patio outside and a little bit of room inside as well but the parking lot is tiny and there is nowhere else close by to park. Here at the Triangle there is a lot more parking spaces but they are all filled up from people going to the other places. I found a spot in the parking garage but most people just drove around in circles hoping, wishing and waiting. I kind of like this place even though it is nothing like the other location at all. There is no funkiness allowed at the Triangle, I think there is a no funk clause in the lease. Everything is clean and shiny and new but they still have the same good Austin Singer Songwriter type entertainment and a good selection of beer including my favorite, Fireman's4 Ale brewed in Blanco, Texas. I'm sure they are wifi and I don't know of many Coffee places in Austin that aren't these days. This is an internet town with a heavy addiction. Stop in and get a beer, or coffee, sometimes I even like juice and they have that too. Check out the photo mural in the back, it is pretty wild.

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