Saturday, April 12, 2008

Threadgill's World Headquarters near South Congress and Riverside in Austin

I took a lot of pictures in this place and left knowing that I had missed some great stuff. Eddie Wilson has created a bona fide landmark in downtown Austin right across the street from the former location of the Armadillo World Headquarters. They have a parking lot that can handle a few dozen cars for locals and they are within walking distance of a thousand hotel rooms or more. The food is down home, the beer is cold and the ambiance is 1970's and 80's Austin, Texas. I love neon lighting so this place is like a picnic to me. There are lots of memory invoking pieces of memorabilia hanging all over the place and nobody gave me any grief over taking pictures. I was told that approximately eighty tour buses a month stop at this location with visitors from all over the world. I can believe it, the place is filled with the things that tourism is made of, history and hospitality plus good grub. They have live music on a regular basis during the evenings and a fairly large outdoor music viewing area and stage outside the front door. The back room has a stage as well, for smaller more intimate performances. I've had their food in the past and I have no complaints but I recommend everyone wander around aimlessly for at least fifteen minutes, before or after dinner, and soak up the ambiance.

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