Thursday, April 24, 2008

NeWorlDeli on Guadalupe at 41st Street in Austin

I read somewhere recently that this place now has a full bar and then I think I heard a commercial or a plug on Public Radio or something that said the same so I couldn't resist when I spotted it while on the way to somewhere else. I changed lanes quickly and immediately turned the corner while the guy behind me blew the horn and gave me the finger, I'm sure, for bad driving. I knew I could make it. I had been here exactly once before for Coffee and a Danish but now they are a full scale restaurant with reasonable prices and beer, so I had one. I like the look of this place and I'll probably go back for dinner sometime even though parking is tough in the area. It seems like every student has a car and there are a lot of them for every house in the area. Still, I managed so I imagine you could too. They might even have a parking lot themselves, in fact I think they do, but I didn't see one. In a nutshell this place was clean, visually appealing, comfortable and staffed by friendly and courteous people. It left me with the impression that it is someplace I should return to and their is no higher praise than that, as far as I'm concerned. It's on Guadalupe at 41st Street across from what is left of the Austin State Hospital, unless it is something else now.

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Rose said...

I found your blog through your youtube clip on NeWorlDeli. Next time you go there, try the sloppy joe.