Friday, April 4, 2008

Aussie's VolleyBar Riverside Drive near Congress Avenue in Austin

Aussie's is a fine place with a bar in the front and ample seating in the back. They have a covered patio and a world class volleyball pit. I went here once many years ago when I was on a similar quest, sans a camera, during a period of my life where I wanted to experience new places at every opportunity. I was riding my bicycle around downtown and the cheers and beers drew me in. Today it was just the need to fill some space on my blog that brought me here although the experience was no less pleasant. They have an interesting looking menu and although I didn't take pictures of it, the kitchen was a busy place even though it was a light afternoon for customers. On the weekends during the summer they get packed. They're located just around the corner at the South end of the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin. They are the first place on the right and across the street from Bennigan's. They are also right next door to Zax Pints and Plates and across the street from Threadgill's World Headquarters. I'll catch them later. Check out the pictures and view my too long YouTube video to take a vicarious tour of a Australian themed bar and grill deluxe.

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