Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Thirteenth Frame Bar in Westgate Lanes on William Cannon Drive in Austin

Well, a beerjoint is a beerjoint is a beerjoint. That's what I always say. The come in various sizes and styles, some have a theme and others don't. This one does, and it is bowling. It is a comfortable bar with an attentive and intelligent bartender and they gave me free popcorn without having to ask for it. There are bars in Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Pizza Joints, Shopping Malls, Shopping Centers, Sandwich Shops, Hot Dog Stands, Ballparks, Grocery Stores and Bowling Alleys. Expect anything from this bar blog because if a place has a beer license it's a bar no mater whether they call it an Icehouse, a Tavern, a Pool Hall, a Pub, a Club, a Saloon, a Honky Tonk, a Watering Hole, a Sports Bar, or Lounge. They are all alternative titles for Beerjoint. As far as beerjoints go, this is a good one. It's small but it's bigger than some of the places I have already been. So, whether you are in the mood to bowl or not I suggest you drop in for a cold one from time to time. If you live near this place then go here, if not then any bowling alley will do just fine. You don't have bowling without beer, it is un American. I hope Obama had a beer when he went bowling or all hell is gonna break loose at the Convention.

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