Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Very Best Bar in Austin

I used to go here often and you could not have dragged me a second time without a noose around my neck if they didn't have beer. But, they had beer and so I no longer dreaded the two hours I had to spend with mechanical singing bears and I grew to love Skeet ball. They served wine for the Mom's and soda for the dentist and the kids. It was deafening with shrieks of fun and laughter but I didn't give a damn because I was busy checking out the sideshow in the side room far from the noisy little shits, and they had beer. The other day I checked on line to be sure they still had beer and then I decided that this would make a hilarious April Fool's Day video and blog and tie in nicely with all the other stuff I have done. This location no longer serves beer. I was the April Fool and bought a small glass of warm ice tea for a dollar and a half and then tipped the cashier a dollar. I felt like I had too after I asked for a beer and they said they didn't sell it. Damn, I timed parenthood right. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W5j74F1-oU

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