Monday, March 31, 2008

Frank and Angie's Pizza on West Avenue near West Sixth in Austin

I went to Frank and Angie's often when they first opened many years ago and I have gone a few times since. I was never crazy about how hard their crust is but it's a personal preference, it never stopped me from eating it. I used to like going there and drinking a beer while I waited for my order. I had young kids then and seized on every opportunity to get out of the house and drink beer. Damned if I don't still feel that same way now even though my kids are grown and long gone from my house. Today I just went for the beer and video and for the first time I really took a good look at the place and everything on the walls. I like it more now than ever and I really would recommend it as the best pizza in the area. They don't have a lot of competition where they are except Mr. Gatti's, but they would surely beat out some others around town that I can think of. The service and friendly staff gave me full artistic reign so I tried to take advantage of it. They, unlike most other venues in the area, have a parking lot that you can probably actually find a spot in. I know they sell much more than pizza, but other than salads and spaghetti once, I haven't tried them. Which is not to say that I never will. Check it out at the corner of West Avenue and Sixth Street right across from The Molotov Lounge.

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