Friday, March 28, 2008

The Ranch - West Sixth at West Street in Austin

This is the newest addition to this end of Sixth Street and I'm sure it won't be the last. They are located on the roof of J. Black's Feel Good Bar across the street from Molotov and Mother Egan's. They are an open air good weather bar by far, but they can roll the doors down on each end if it's twenty degrees and a wind is blowing right through the place. They'll figure that out next fall when the first Norther hits town. Someone standing at the bar asked the bartender if the animal heads were real or stuffed. He said real, I said stuffed and then we both said they were real stuffed heads. PETA would probably have a shit fit but all of these animals died of old age after a very long and fun life on a game preserve, many years ago. If you look close you can see gray around all of their temples. The deck has a huge fireplace that will feel like someone lit a match on a really cold night but some people will crowd around it because once you are drunk enough you don't feel the cold, and because they want to smell like a campfire in the morning. I think this place is a must stop in for a beer when you get to this end of Sixth Street. Maybe number three as long as someone else is driving, and someone else better be driving because there are six or seven other stops on the tour of this section of town. During the warm weather sit outside and enjoy the air above the smog at ground level. Plus it looks cool at night with lights all over the place.

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