Sunday, March 23, 2008

Texadelphia at Fifteenth 15th and San Antonio in Austin

Texadelphi is primarily a sandwich shop specializing in Philly Cheese Steaks but they have many other menu items and they serve beer to those old enough to purchase it. There are many locations scattered around Austin and this particular one is centrally located at the corner of 15th Street and San Antonio Street at the base of one of the original moonlight towers. The Towers were originally constructed as a precursor to modern day street lights. Instead of small lights all over the place Austin had a bunch of huge towers that lit large populated areas of the city. The towers were heralded as providing the level of light one might experience during a full moon. There are still a few of them left around town although they have been substantially upgraded from their original construction. The little shopping center where this Texadelpia resides is named Moonlight Place because of the adjacent tower and there is a Starbuck's Coffee to one side of it and a Cleaners on the other side. There are about a dozen parking spaces shared by the three businesses and lots of metered parking nearby. Much of their business is walk in from nearby bank towers, office buildings and residential homes in the area. They cater with boxed lunches as well and, their service is top notch. If you like consistency this is the place for you. Any Texadelphia in town can be trusted to serve the same high quality product as another. The main difference between them is location and convenience and on this particular day, this location was the most convenient for me.

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