Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dirty Martin's Kum Bak Place on Guadalupe by UT in Austin

I went to Dirty's for a burger and beer about twenty years ago when my kids were young. I just wanted to say I had been there but I had more important things in my life back then so I never went back. But, I drove by about five thousand times and today I decided it was time to have a closer look. First of all, I didn't even know that they had a back room but now I do. Second, now that I've taken a closer look I know what I have been missing all these years and I will be going back. I didn't know they had music on the patio every Weds. through Fri. but their website says they do. It also says two dollar pints of Independence Amber Ale or Lone Star from 3 to 7 Mon.-Fri. and $6 sixty ounce pitchers. Drink one of those and walk a straight line, if you can but it's better to share with a buddy and drink two pitchers instead. I have heard this joint called Dirty's, Dirty's Kum Bak, Martin's, Dirty Martin's and Dirty Martin's Kum Bak Place which appears to be the correct and complete title of the establishment. My buddy Troy got a veggie burger that would make Dirty Martin roll over in his grave but it looked pretty good and he said it was excellent. But, don't worry they have big old greasy burgers and fries too. I prefer onion rings but that's because I'm a rebel. Rage against the machine man! Order onion rings. My YouTube video of Dirty's.
Dirty's is real Austin across the street reminds me of Las Vegas or worse, DisneyWorld.

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