Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Galaxy Cafe on West Lynn in West Austin

This was the first time I have been in this part of West Austin in over a year so I'm not exactly sure when the corner laundromat made the transition to a hip and sleek restaurant but that's exactly what happened. They were only slightly busy on the early afternoon that I dropped in and most of the clientele looked like students and an occasional professor here and there. The staff was very friendly and the ambiance is relaxing and intriguing simultaneously. They have take out as well as indoor and outdoor dining. I didn't dine, I rarely do when all I'm wanting is a single beer and some photos, but those who were dining seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. I enjoyed myself as well. There is a good sized parking lot and street parking within easy walking distance plus it is in the heart of the West Lynn Clarksville neighborhood. It's nice to have choices and the people who live in this area have a lot of new ones, not the least of which is this clean, modern and unique establishment.

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