Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vivo on Manor Road in East Austin

This old house converted into a restaurant went through a few false starts before it became Vivo several years ago. In Spanish Vivo means I live and it is pronounced similarly to Bevo the UT Football Mascot. Whether that is deliberate or coincidence doesn't matter, what does matter is its close proximity to the University of Texas and the fine food and atmosphere that they provide. They have a huge multi level deck, a full bar, a private dining area and lots of very interesting quality artwork all around. There are more plants outdoors than many nursery's have for sale and the margarita was strong even though it was pretty pricey at nine dollars. This part of Manor Road on the East side of Austin has become an alternate restaurant row and there are plenty of places to choose from. Acroos the street is Hoover's and Clementine Coffeehouse. Down the street in one direction is El Chile, a popular Mexican Restaurant and The Red House a fine bar that I still need to check out myself. In the other direction is East side Cafe, Mia Madre's and El Chilito plus there is an Italian Restaurant close by as well. I think Vivo is the most interesting of them all and I look forward to going back for dinner soon. As a bonus they also have a good sized parking lot and they are away from the congestion of Downtown yet still close to it.

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