Monday, March 10, 2008

Beverly's Biker Bar on South Congress in Austin Texas

If what I read in the papers and witnessed with my own eyes is the truth then Beverly's officially went out of business at midnight on March 9th , 2008 when the beer license ran out. But, I've read of Beverly's demise many times before so it's hard to say. Of course, the signs for the bar being inside instead of outside is a clue. And all of the graffiti written around pictures that have been taken down is another clue. But it could all be a ploy to get Willie Nelson to buy it and make it a fancy Biker Beer joint if Bob Cole would help him out. It does look kind of historical, like a billion dirty boots have scuffed across the doorway. But the truth is, because the parking lot is mostly dirt it only took a few million boots scuffed in and out to make that floor what it is, a treasure. Man it is obvious that there are lots of memories of wild times in here, but not for me because I've only been here twice, and my wife has been here once because she needed to pee after getting her car inspected nearby. She never went back but I did because the first encounter with Beverly's made me want to take a closer look. If it is true that the bar is history then I feel like I was a part of history by being there and taking these pictures and video. I hope you enjoy them.

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