Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hoover's Cooking 2002 Manor Road in East Austin Texas

I've been to Hoover's only a couple times and I've never really had a meal in there even though I work about 100 yards away. It's not because it isn't good, I can guarantee that, I've heard many people sing his praises and restaurants don't last around here unless they have what it takes to keep you coming back. I think the problem has been that I only have a paltry half hour for lunch and that won't work, and I want to get away from where I work just as soon as I possibly can so I'm gone as soon as the day is done. It's about time I stopped in for a beer, I've been thinking about it for for a year at least. I have had their appetizers though and they make some kind of exotic margarita from Mango or something that was so good that I can't remember what it was but I had a few of them once about a year ago which is why I have been thinking of going back. I used to go in here frequently to buy a stamp or banana and sometimes it smelled like a dead animal but that was when it was Roy Lee's Grocery Store and the East side was looking pretty bleak. Now students and instructors live in many of the homes around there and they are amazingly expensive. I remember when they were amazingly cheap but they still cost too much for me to buy a rent house. No chance of that now just about anywhere within the city limits. O.k. enough banter. Check out their blackboard and see if anything looks good. It all looks good to me.

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