Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Meow Marc's Bar on West Sixth Street in Austin

This bar used to be a side room of the Katz's Deli in Austin. I gotta tell ya', Katz's Never Klozes but Meow does, at 2 a.m. The only real difference now is that there is a separate entrance from the street for the bar alone and the owner, Marc Katz named the place Meow as a play on words. Katz Meow, get it? It's a nice and comfortable bar, although a tad bit small compared to the other drinking establishments in the immediate vicinity, but I can remember when it was the only place to get a drink on this end of Sixth Street. Those days are gone now with Star Bar, Little Woodrow's, Wahoo, Mother Egan's, Opal Divine's, The Key Bar, Molotov, Momo's, J. Black's and others all with in a short walking distance. This is the hottest new entertainment area in Downtown Austin and, as hard as it may be to believe, there are customers enough for everybody to do a good business. Central Austin is home to the high dollar high rise condominium and the people who live in them come out at night. As with every bar downtown parking can be a problem but patrons of Katz's and Meow have a couple of free parking lots nearby that they stand a pretty good chance of scoring a space in on most nights. Of course, during SXSW all bets are off and you would do well to pay ten bucks to park and be done with it. I liked this place when it was just the bar in the restaurant and had no competition, and I like it even better now that it is merely one of a dozen beer joints that line both sides of the street. Katz's has Klass and people of discerning taste, like me, know it.

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