Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tiniest Bar in Texas on Fifth Street west of Lamar at Bowie in Austin

The Tiniest Bar in Texas is a new much welcomed addition to the casual bar scene that is Austin This place is perhaps the very newest trendy bar in Downtown Austin. It is on a strip of land that used to serve as a used car lot but times change. There has been a couple or five billion dollars worth of construction in the area in the last ten years, probably way more, and the trend continues. I say enjoy it while it exists because in this world everything is fleeting, except for the strong who manage to survive. I think this place is built for the short term but may survive for the long term because of the narrow strip of land it is situated on. I hope I'm right because it seemed like a very fun spot and one I wouldn't mind going to visit again. I'll keep my eye on the music listings and try to record a band when they get that part complete, which I am sure will be within the next week or so, and after that it's their first experience with SXSW, in 2008. But I expect they will be here for awhile if we are lucky. I hope so because as I said at the end of the video on YouTube: "If I said I didn't like this place I'd be lyin' my ass off."

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