Saturday, March 1, 2008

Texas Showdown Saloon on Guadalupe by UT in Austin. Once Raul's

Now this is a place that I have been wanting to blog about since before I started. It's a good thing my kegerator ran dry and I was almost out of CO2 or I might not have gotten around to this place for a while. I had already planned to walk over there from the Spiderhouse, twice before because parking is so limited, but I ended up blowing it off for some other joint each time. Not this time, the stars were aligned and I had a great time. I have been to this bar before during the happy fifteen minutes from three to three fifteen in the afternoon and almost everybody has two beers and I think I once had three, when I was on a bicycle and had called in sick to work that day. It is a student, neighborhood, old hippie hangout and it once was the location of the world famous Raul's, a punk club from the 80's. I never liked punk then so I never went there. My tastes have broadened however and I like it now. It's fun, it was always fun but I was too uptight to have fun then. But, I'm having fun now. click the YouTube video to join me on a tour.

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