Sunday, March 30, 2008

Joe's Bar and Grill on West Avenue near Sixth Street in Austin

Joe's Bar and Grill is a relative newcomer to this part of town. It is situated near the corner of West Avenue and West Sixth Street in an area that includes Frank and Angie's Pizzeria right next door and Hut's Hamburgers around the corner. They have a huge outdoor deck with lots of seating and inside there is a pool table and a shuffleboard. They even have a wooden Eskimo standing guard by the front door. There are multiple flat screen T.V.'s and Fireman's 4 Ale is available on tap. I don't remember what this place was before it was Joe's Bar and Grill but I'm fairly certain that it wasn't originally built to house a bar because the floor shows signs of where walls used to be. The owner approached me to make sure I didn't have some nefarious reason for taking pictures and he was an amiable guy named Joe, sure enough. As with most of the places in the area there is minimal parking but I had no problem finding an empty meter and I wouldn't hesitate to stop in again when I'm inthe vicinity. They make some really decent pub grub as well and have a full bar for mixed drink aficionados. Check it out but don't tell them Wisegeorge sent you because they won't know who the hell you are talking about.

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