Monday, March 3, 2008

Scholz Beer Garden on San Jacinto in Austin

I have been to this bar about twenty or thirty times over a period of twenty five years, so I can't really call myself a regular, yet I feel like I am every time I go in. It has a familiarity that is comforting for some reason. Maybe it is because I've always had a good time when I have gone there. Anyway, Scholz is a good old fashioned beer garden,of the German inspired sort, that has been there since the turn of the last century and it still looks tip top. Many famous politicians and musicians have spent a lot of time and money at this place because, plain and simple, it's a cool place to hang out. From Scholz it is a short walk to the University of Texas or a little longer walk to the State Capitol so scholars and scoundrels abound. They have many beer selections but I usually find myself ordering Shiner Bock. The bartender gave me a taste of Shiner Black as well, since I had never heard of it or tasted it and it was pretty good. A couple years ago during SXSW I saw Ruthie Foster here at a Texas Music Magazine Party that I crashed by coming in the back gate. I must have looked like someone they invited because they gave me all the free beer I wanted and a stack of magazines with sampler Cd's inside. I think I might try and go to that party again this year. Scholz has lots of room, good pub grub, plenty of picnic tables and seating indoors and out. Parking can be tricky during the day but after 5pm and on the weekends the State Parking Garage is free and right next door. Go check it out if you've never been there and go again if you have been there before, that's my advice. This is the YouTube video I made.

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