Friday, March 7, 2008

Scoot Inn at East 4th and Navasota in East Austin

Scoot Inn used to be Red's Scoot Inn and was a mostly Mexican Bar prior to it's current incarnation. Back then the walls were lined with mirrors to give the false impression that the place was larger than it actually is. They had Mexican Music on the jukebox and it was played loud. I felt at home there and actually liked it just fine. Then these young people got the lease and went and built a nice stage outside to replace the one that was collapsing, fixed the fence and remodeled the joint into what looks like the living room of the Munster's home with a big ass bar in it and I still feel at home and I actually like it just fine now, too. To see what it looked like before watch this YouTube video of the Norton's by my friend MinorW, it takes 15 seconds to get rolling so be patient: Then watch this more recent video in the same place: I know this place will be a madhouse next week during SXSW and I plan to drop by to witness some of it. Fun times lie on the near horizon and East Austin is an integral part of it now. Wherever you see a crowd forming you can be pretty well assured that there will be a band playing and beer. At least there has been for the last ten years that I have enjoyed all of the non festival events that SXSW spawns all over town. I've never had a wristband and I have never made it to all the places that don't require a wristband because there are only twenty four hours in a day. Check out the Scoot Inn now, during SXSW or later but definitely check it out. It's worth the time. Now here is my take on the place:

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