Monday, March 24, 2008

The Jackalope on Sixth Street in Party Central Downtown Austin

When I told my twenty seven year old son that the bartender at the Peacock Lounge asked me if I had blogged about the Jackalope yet he said, oh that's my favorite bar on Sixth Street and then proceeded to tell me about the outdoor bar in the back called Cucaracha that is all part of the same place, and off I went. Sixth Street in the daytime is a lot like Bourbon Street in the daytime. Sunny, slightly smelly and mostly deserted. The Jackalope by contrast was dark, smelled just fine and had a good flow of customers for two thirty in the afternoon. Some guys played pool, a couple of groups of people drifted in for a drink and moved on, and a half dozen guys and gals hung out at the bar most of he time I was there. They have some unique soft core porn black velvet paintings and they are two bars in one inside and another indoor outdoor bar outside in the back. They share bathroom facilities because it is all one bar but the Cucaracha could stand on it's own as a separate bar. I think the video and pictures can do a better job of explaining than I will ever be able to do in print. I liked the cushy, broken in booth furniture and the overall presentation of he bar itself. The life span of a lot of the Sixth Street Bars is often short but somehow I don't see that being the fate of this place. It has character, even if it is a bit sexist.
And they serve food. Check out the menu:

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kelsoATX said...

This place also has a great kitchen and it's open late. Best drunk-food on 6th street. waffle fries..mmmmmnn..