Friday, March 21, 2008

The Brown Bar at Eighth 8th and Colorado in Austin Texas

This place was a complete surprise to me. A friend told me they were here and I still missed them on the first take. I parked at a meter which I recommend. Always have quarters in your car and your parking problems are gone downtown. Without quarters parking is very tough and even with quarters some meters don't work but the bastard's will still ticket you after you put your money in and no minutes register. But, that isn't the Brown Bar's fault and after a cocktail or a couple of cold beers those frustrations just melt away as you relax in splendid splendor in one of the many very comfortable and relaxing seating arrangements scattered around this fine drinking establishment better known as a beer joint. They have way more fancy ass drinks than you could ever think to order and a bunch of beers and I'm pretty sure they sell food too. If they don't then go next door to Gumbo's or across the street to the Amsterdam Cafe.
I feel like I'm finally a complete man now that I know where the Brown Bar is and you will be too once you check it out, unless you are a woman. This is probably going to end up being in the top ten fancy places I visit. That won't be a hard choice to make but my ten funkiest is going to take some coin tossing and thought. Check out their website at

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